The colour of our logo, recently modernised.
Also the colour of the hills of Vezzano sul Crostolo, in the heart of Emilia Romagna, where our company is based.
It is also the colour of our philosophy, our efforts to protect the environment. Our productive processes are safe, and optimised for energy consumption, thanks to the 170kWp photovoltaic equipment installed on the roof of our plant. We also have systems to limit our acoustic impact, to minimise the quantity of waste produced, and to recycle the water used in our production processes.

We also design our products with the environment in mind, making them eco-friendly: we use water-based ink, the reduced thickness of our films and the resistance of the materials used improve the performance of our polyethylene films, making them easier to work and over the long-term, less harmful to the eco-system.


Forty years of film

The history of Cartenplast begins in 1977, when Bruno Gualerzi, an entreprenuer from Reggio without formal academic qualifications but full of ideas, enthusiasm and drive, bought an ex-brick factory at Vezzano sul Crostolo.

It took two years to demolish the factory, and restructure and build new plant. In 1979, the company really took off, with the purchase of the first two plants for the production of LDPE and HDPE film.

The company has been managed throughout by Virginio Neroni, who as Managing Director, has guided the firm in its constant development, ever more globally, and driven by constant research and development, and technological evolution.

Our values